You have probably heard about or seen people using lasers like a toy, playing with the powerful beam of light. But shining a laser at a movie screen, airplane or other people can cause severe injury, such as blindness, or life-threatening situations such as airplane crashes and automotive collisions.


BEA Lasers maintains a strict policy against selling laser pointers or any other products to those who would use them in ways other than their intended use. Lasers are useful industrial devices that provide accurate means of cutting, welding, alignment and numerous other industrial vision systems and medical uses.


Lasers can and do make our work easier and safer when used properly. But the rugged laser diode modules we sell should always be used in a responsible way. BEA maintains a corporate responsibility to communicate this to all prospective customers. We have extensive knowledge of FDA 1040.10-11 and BS EN 60825-1:2007 rules, which we would be happy to share with you so you can apply laser diode products to your applications safely and responsibly.


Our products meet the following safety standards:


FDA 1040.10-11 USA Laser Standards Safety of Laser Products & CFR - Code of Federal Regulations


BS EN 60826-1:2007

British Standards

Safety of Laser Products

The European Standard EN 60825-1:2007

Don't get let quality and safety liabilities put you and your customers at risk. Ensure that your laser supplier meets or exceeds these important safety standards.


Further Information


For more information on "laser strikes" on airplanes, please visit the following websites:


Federal Aviation Administration Laser Information


OSHA Laser Hazard Information

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