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The highest quality laser diode modules at a reasonable cost ... this is BEA Lasers' commitment to you.

Our team of applications engineers and sales associates, with many years of experience in the field of optics and photonics, will work closely with you to find a solution that meets your needs -- customized or from stock.

BEA Lasers are available nationwide. Our warehouse is in suburban Chicago and ships your components as ordered and on time.

Since 1980, BEA has been committed to offering solutions to industry and research with our knowledge of photonics and electro-optic components. Many of our products conform to and surpass the standards of CE and FDA. Your products benefit from the quality that goes into our laser diode modules.

BEA Lasers, responding to the growing demand for rugged, industrial laser components, has announced their complete line of laser diode modules. The laser line consists of three main laser diode modules that come in a variety of different configurations.

Rugged, Reliable, Dependable Lasers
for Industrial Alignment Applications

MIL Series

MIL series: Based around a 650nm (red), or 532nm (green) 1, 3, or 5mW laser, the main features of this new system are:

MIL RA Series

MIL RA Series: A welcome addition to BEA's MIL series, this compact laser only occupies 1.5 inches of valuable space and boasts a right-angle mounting style.

Ideal for counting, machine vision, edge detection, paper web, riveting, water jet cutting and other alignment applications, this low-profile laser boasts 3/8-inch brass, nickel-plated housing and is fitted with an M12 connector; 2-meter-long, PVC-coated cable jacket; and power supply. The optional sensor-style bracket completes the laser system.

Available with 635nm (Red) or 520nm (Green) laser diode, some of the MIL RA's other options are:

Micro SEN Series

Micro SEN Series: Based around a 650nm (red) 1, 3, or 5mW laser. The main features of this system are:

SEN Series

SEN Series: Based around a 650nm (red) 1, 3, or 5mW laser, the main features of this system are:

GPL Series

GPL Series: Based around a 650nm (red), or 532nm (green) 5mW laser, the main features of this new system are:

Yellow Sub and Yellow Torpedo

Yellow Sub (BEA-328-5) and Torpedo Laser Level (BEA-328-11)

Manufactured from industrial aluminum with heavy duty magnets, the Yellow Sub and Torpedo laser levels can be quickly mounted on any ferrous metal surface without mounting hardware. This makes the unit perfect for temporary use in either a horizontal or vertical position. Offered in line or dot pattern, the Yellow Sub and Torpedo are durable, versatile, and portable.

OEM Lasers Designed to Meet or Exceed Your Application Requirements

Working within your requirements is what BEA Lasers does best. We just need a few simple questions answered, and maybe a drawing:

  1. Wavelength option: 635, 650nm (Red), 520, 532nm (Green), 405. 445nm (Blue) 850nm (IR)
  2. Optical output power: Up to 300mW
  3. Working voltage: 3, 5, 6, 12, 24VDV
  4. Dot, Line, Cross-Hair laser pattern
  5. Working distance
  6. Beam size at working distance
  7. Housing size requirements
  8. Continuous wave, modulation, variable output
  9. Fiber coupled laser: 105, 125, 170, 200µm (fiber core)
  10. Quantity and price

With your approved laser design, BEA Lasers will manufacture a high-quality laser to spec for your evaluation and approval. BEA Lasers works with the end user to come in on budget and on time with a high-quality laser. BEA Lasers looks forward to working with you to design a laser to fit your application.

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